Online Masterclass – HOW to SCORE a FILM in 7 DAYS





Recently, I had to score a sci-fi action/adventure film – 70+ minutes of music – in 7 days. I couldn’t rely on endless ostinatos or ambience beds to eat up minutes at a time, and I had a full spectrum of emotions to convey. In this class we’ll break down how I did it – how I structured my approach musically and logistically. We’ll look at the thematic and motivic anchors and how to bridge them in the midst of action and drama. We’ll examine the practical performance and VI input process and where to put performance priority – something I call the “magic 70%.” We don’t always get the chance to work under ideal circumstances, but we can do it even under the worst conditions if we’re prepared, practiced, and have a plan, and this can make all the difference in your career, so don’t miss this one!