I’ll be honest: having been a writer, director, and editor for almost as long as I’ve been a composer makes the job of writing to picture much, much easier. When we understand what’s going on under the hood, dramatically, and how things are structurally developed, it gives us a clear template to follow and build our ideas on. In fact, it sets the stage for the qualities which define the most cherished film scores in history. In this class, we’re going to film school. We’re going to learn the whats and whys of dramatic storytelling – film, tv, games; it’s all the same – and how to use this knowledge to increase our musical skill and make our job easier. We’ll talk about developing primary and secondary theme and character arcs and various harmonic devices to mimic developments on screen. We’ll talk about communicating with directors, and understanding the way they and their producers view a project. And we’ll talk about the art of negotiation – getting our ideas heard and valued when fighting biases and temp tracks. Tons of stuff to talk about – don’t miss it!