Scoring an action scene… never an easy task. With all the cuts, sound design and chaos, the temptation is to lay beds, drones; tread water – but the best action cues never do. They have shape and throughline; they tell a story. In this class we’ll look at techniques for attacking these sequences; determining the tempo, managing the cuts. We’ll explore some approaches to incorporating thematic and motivic material, and how to avoid getting buried in the mix – essential tools for the modern film composer!
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What I love about the masterclasses is that there are always tips and ideas that can be implemented immediately but there is also a wealth of information that once digested keeps my brain constantly reflecting on it, highly recommended to anyone on the fence about purchasing.

Last friday’s Action Scenes class was my first one, and i can only say that it was spectacular, not only Mike is an entertaining and talented host, but the information he provides, the deep analysis of the cue, and really, the “method” he showed us on how to approach an action scene was awesome. I’m looking forward to apply everything i learnt during the class on an upcoming short film i have to score. Also, those were some of the most fun 5 hours i’ve spent in a class in my whole life, and Mike was always eager to answer any question (sorry if i asked a lot of them!!).

Online Masterclass – ACTION SCENES


The first class on John Williams, “Here’s Johnny!” was incredibly popular, and we’d only scratched the surface – so let’s dive deeper, shall we? We’ll take a more in-depth look at his structure, techniques, development, and devices, and talk about how we can apply them to modern scoring challenges!
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If someone is a Mike newbie and on a fence, you shouldn’t. I think I have all his lessons now (-minus business) and they are the best.

I LOVED that Mike demonstrated JW techniques in real-time, using a basic orchestral template for a quick bit of multi-track action. It really helped cement these ideas and techniques…

Online Masterclass – HERE’S JOHNNY, TOO