Online Masterclass – SCORING 1

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Writing music is one thing; writing music to picture is another. In this class I’ll be talking about strategies for thematic development within film structure, handling cue entrances/exits and transitions, techniques for orchestration in and around dialog/sound effects, working with temp tracks, and more. Plus I’ll give you some of speed-writing scoring tips for getting scenes cued and mapped out under the gun, as we look at before-and-after examples from several real-world projects.
$30. Click on the title graphic above to purchase.


Fantastic class, Mike! It was very interesting and full of great information. The hours flew by.

…what an incredible class this was, i’ve attended 5 classes now (including the free one’s), and Score 1 was something I Needed exactly yesterday! It completely helped me rework/improve on my existing work for an indie film I am working on.