Writing music is one thing; writing music to picture is another. In this class I’ll be talking about strategies for thematic development within film structure, handling cue entrances/exits and transitions, techniques for orchestration in and around dialog/sound effects, working with temp tracks, and more. Plus I’ll give you some of speed-writing scoring tips for getting scenes cued and mapped out under the gun, as we look at before-and-after examples from several real-world projects.
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Fantastic class, Mike! It was very interesting and full of great information. The hours flew by.

…what an incredible class this was, i’ve attended 5 classes now (including the free one’s), and Score 1 was something I Needed exactly yesterday! It completely helped me rework/improve on my existing work for an indie film I am working on.

Online Masterclass – SCORING 1


Jazz has had a profound impact on film music and film music composers since the Golden Era; its tonalities and influences are omnipresent even today. With its strong improvisational core (“realtime composing”) and its extensive vocabulary of unique dissonances and consonances, it’s like a supercharger for our compositional engines. It gives us tons of new colors to play with, hones our structural sensibilities, and frees our creative minds. In this class, we’ll learn what’s behind these cools sounds, and how to begin using them in our work. Williams, Goldsmith, Silvestri… so much of their work is unmistakably Jazz-based; these tools absolutely belong in your tool box. Come and get them!
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Another great masterclass from Mike. Where else can you be educated and entertained for 5 hours for less than the cost of a bottle of Four Roses small batch bourbon? As a newcomer to the world of jazz, I thought I may be lost when it came to the topic of this class, but I found it gave me some valuable insights on how jazz has influenced many well known film scores – and lots of references to follow up for further study. Well done, thanks Mike!

I have a degree in both – jazz and film scoring – and I have to say this is one of THE best masterclasses on this subject I came across in my entire life! Very entertaining but so to the point, condensed and packed with valuable insight from somebody so deep in this business.

Online Masterclass – ALL THAT JAZZ