Armin van Buuren/Frozen Music Video

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FROZEN_BUUREN-(03397)The second of three videos I was asked to create for EDM remixes – this time Armin van Buuren’s take on “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. Also part of the Disney DConstructed project, again I had to think about how best to balance the vibes of the film, the remix, and what’s good in a club at 1am. I didn’t want the video to just be a series of pretty images and flashes and impressions, because it always looks like just that; like there’s no real point to it. So as with the Aviici/TRON video, again I outlined a simple story arc for the video to follow.


The tracks’ lyrics are about breaking free; letting go; not being held back anymore. So as the video starts, the track’s energy is trapped behind a barrier of ice, breaks free, and sets about bringing color and light to a dead, bleak world. The video finishes on a shot of Elsa in her brightly-lit ice castle, arms raised in triumph, as the energy returns home…