Danica Dancing

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Here’s where I come down:

I don’t care how “ex” you are, if you spent more than a decade with someone, shared a life with them, married them, have an amazing child with them, and are fortunate enough to be amicably separated, their well-being just can’t ever be completely beyond your concern. How can they ever be totally out of your heart? I dunno; maybe it’s just me. All I know is that from the moment Danica called to tell me she was going to be on Dancing with the Stars I was excited for her, proud of her, and knew she was going to approach it with the same tenacity and integrity she does everything else. Well you can add “grace” and “courage” to that list as well, because she’s dancing through a broken rib right now, and few people will ever know just how brutal that is for her. But I do. I’m hoping she gets the gold more than ever now; it’ll go with her heart. Go get ’em, D.