Online Masterclass – HERE’S JOHNNY!

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The impact that John Williams’ music has had on filmscoring, and on generations of composers is undeniable. Having made a study of his film work for more than 35 years, in this class I’ll be revealing the roots of his sound, compositionally and orchestrationally. I’ll show you where he gets most of his devices, harmonies, voicings, and more. We’ll examine his structural templates, go-tos, favorite modulation tricks, and more – and talk about how to incorporate them into your own work intelligently! Because of the influence his work has had on me, personally, this is perhaps my favorite class yet.
$30. Click on the title graphic above to purchase.


I sat through most of it even though I have a baaad cold and it started at 4 am here in Sweden -That’s how good it was. Anyone even remotely interested in JW’s style would be a fool not to check this out.

Another wonderful class. As others have mentioned, you leave feeling uplifted and ready to work hard. I highly recommend his classes. $5/hr for 6 hours is a steal, practically free for the value gained in return, he certainly deserves a lot more.