Numerical Sound IR Demo

This piece, Crimson Lake, was written as a demo to showcase The Hollywood Sound Timbral Impulse Collection: LASS Edition from Numerical Sound. It uses LA Scoring Strings v2.0 samples, with a touch of harp. For more on these great impulses, click the link above.


Discussion of technique is great, but nothing beats real-world experience. This class is a comprehensive, start-to-finish analysis and breakdown of an orchestral piece – from initial conception and sketch, through orchestration, notation, vi-mockup, and live recording at Fox Studios by legendary recording engineer Shawn Murphy. In this class I’ll be taking you through the entire creative and production process on a real-world project, using the techniques discussed in Composition 1, Orchestration 1, Secret Weapons, and many others. We’ll be talking about every aspect of the composition, orchestration, notation, and production, including contracting the orchestra, and a look at the budget breakdown! $45. Click on the title graphic above to purchase.


…this class was simply amazing!

This class was really informative, one of my favorites.If there ever was a “No Brainer” deal, this is it.

Online Masterclass – PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER

1) Tricycle
2) Puppy Play-Doh Set
3) Google Nexus 7 Tablet so he can use the calcuator to play his new favorite game: Memorizing Times Tables and Calculaing Negative Numbers (I shit you not)
4) A black Tesla Model S P85+, which he informs me will allow us to use the key to automatically open and close the trunk with rear-facing seats “if we get the full Tech-Package.”

1) A 50-gallon barrel of Jack Daniel’s and a Straw

X-Mas List