Try this. Try this for two days. For two days, turn off all news sources. Turn off the networks. Don’t go to the web for Yahoo, or MSN, or Drudge; disable your homepage if it goes there by default. Don’t read news magazines or periodicals. Turn off the radio; no news during the breaks. Instead, spend every second you would normally spend reading news watching a TED talk on YouTube . Just find ones that sound interesting to you. Even the shitty ones are good. I promise that at the end of those two days, you will find life more interesting, more positive, and more worth living than otherwise. Just try it. Trust me.

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When I was growing up, children were constantly dying from brain injuries sustained in tricycle accidents; I personally lost 12 classmates. This is why today children wear protective gear 24 hours a day. So I was shocked to learn of a recent study which conclusively proved helmets to be unnecessary unless your toddler plays in traffic. There is apparently a piece of anatomy called the “skull” which is filled with a brain-protecting fluid specifically designed for this purpose, and which is extra robust in children. The study tested 100 billion humans over a period of 250,000 years.

The Skull – Nature’s Helmet