Online Masterclass – THE BUSINESS

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Marketing, branding, networking, negotiating, royalties, stories from “the trenches,” and much more. Rather than Art vs. Commerce, this is about why you need both to truly maximize your craft, contribution, and life as an artist! $30.  Click on the title graphic above to purchase.


Bravo Mike, loved it!! Truly great ideas like sweet melodies to the ears… Seriously this one is really important to those who are interested in carving a career out of composing for film/tv and other things. So pluck that index finger out of your bottoms and click on the video link to buy!! You won’t regret it.

Great class as always from Mike! Got an opportunity to use one of his negotiating-tips today, less than 24 hours of watching the video. The class paid for itself way quicker than I thought. Looking forward to the next one!