Online Masterclasses!

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Earlier this year I began offering online masterclasses on various aspects of being a professional musician – from composition and orchestration to marketing and the business – and I’ve been thrilled to find people are not only truly enjoying them, but putting the practical advice, tips, and techniques I teach to work immediately in their own music and seeing great results.  Because of the popularity of the classes, I’ve decided to make them available to everyone – there’s plenty of material in the classes for beginners and pro’s alike – for just $30 US per each 3-hour class.


Superb class, enjoyed every second, would do it again, unbelievable value for $30. Can’t recommend it enough.


As of this writing, there are 4 classes available for 1-click PayPal purchase:



This class is about creating simple, compelling, and engaging ideas which not only connect with your audience consistently, but have the inherent building blocks to merit sophisticated development over time.  


Just finished it, the sheer amount of stuff you cover is amazing!

Shoutout to Mike and his ways of teaching, or rather sharing ideas, philosophy and techniques and what not, really helpful and insightful stuff! (And the dude’s got experience to back it up with, so no bull s@#ting!) It’s just great to watch and learn.




My method for the initial process of orchestrating your ideas – choosing instruments, families, complimentary colors; letting the music tell you which instruments will best express the inherent drama and message within. 


Fantastic class, Mike! Lots of great tricks and techniques. Thanks for the 3 hours of fun!

I agree, the class was filled with practical tips and strategies as well as a lot inspiration. The best $30 I’ve spent in recent memory, highly recommended!




A veritable cornucopia of tips, tricks, techniques across a huge range of topics; from the technical aspects of writing and developing ideas, to producing, recording, and realizing music on virtual instruments.  The most popular class!


$30 for information that I am essentially going to implement on a daily basis.. well, let’s just say I’d have spent more than $30 for that.

I would not hesitate to take part in it again and again. It is very informative from a technical, compositional and business side. Plus, Mike is an entertaining dude, you will definitely get your moneys worth. Looking forward to the next one(this time Live).




Marketing, branding, networking, negotiating, royalties, stories from “the trenches,” and much more.  Rather than Art vs. Commerce, this is about why you need both to truly maximize your craft, contribution, and life as an artist!


Bravo Mike, loved it!! Truly great ideas like sweet melodies to the ears… Seriously this one is really important to those who are interested in carving a career out of composing for film/tv and other things. So pluck that index finger out of your bottoms and click on the video link to buy!! You won’t regret it.

Great class as always from Mike! Got an opportunity to use one of his negotiating-tips today, less than 24 hours of watching the video. The class paid for itself way quicker than I thought. Looking forward to the next one!


Not only are the classes jam-packed with information, they’re fun, conversational, no-bullshit Friday-night hangs (R-rated warnings, and everything!).  And they’re not only affordable, they’re easy to get: Just click on one of the class icons above to be taken to PayPal, and afterwards you’ll be provided with a private link to the class(es) of your choice.  


Look, I know you’re a genius; I know you’re super-talented; I understand that; I think we all understand that…

…I’ll make you better.  🙂  Composing music should be fun, fluid, inspiring, and rewarding.  Try a class today and I’ll help you make it moreso!


Seriously, all of these masterclasses are just pure gold, and worth the entry price a dozen times over in my opinion. Compared to the price of a new sample library or piece of studio gear, these should all be considered “no-brainers” for the value you get back. Can’t wait for the next one!