NIGHTHAWK™ Combat Eyewear System

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I was proud to be asked to do some renderings and an instructional piece for the U.S. Military, training soldiers how to use a new combat eyewear system designed especially for harsh conditions.  From the product’s information page:

NIGHTHAWK Combat Eyewear System

The most advanced combat eyewear system ever created. Nighthawk provides superior design, clarity, adaptability, comfort and ease of use while providing a full 180° view for better peripheral vision and protection. Interchangeable goggles and spectacles with clear and gray anti-fog lenses and advanced optics are built specifically to provide protection from sand, dirt, and debris.

I was only given clearance to display the one image, above (though I think the product is public, now). Once again, these computer-generated goggles were rendered in the fantastic Maxwell Render engine.