• Armin van Buuren/Frozen Music Video
  • Mattel/Hot Wheels Commercials
  • Numerical Sound IR Demo
  • The Race
  • Music Sketch – Charge of the Lawmen
  • Music Sketch – Star Trek Theme
  • Iron Man-ia
  • The Capitol Records Building
  • Star Wars iPhone Case Design
  • Cover Designs – Danica McKellar’s “Math Doesn’t Suck” Series
  • Superman Returns – The Shield
  • CG R2-D2: Behind-the-Scenes
  • CG R2-D2
  • Music Sketch – Wonder Woman
  • Music Sketch – So 80’s


Numerical Sound IR Demo

This piece, Crimson Lake, was written as a demo to showcase The Hollywood Sound Timbral Impulse Collection: LASS Edition from Numerical Sound. It uses LA Scoring Strings v2.0 samples, with a touch of harp. For more on these great impulses, click the link above.